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Sourcing strategy - the right approach for your unique situation - QSSOT Technologies. We'll work through the options with you to create and gain commitment to the chosen strategy, with measurable business cases and practical, implementable plans.

Deciding to outsource or create Shared Service operations for your company is potentially one of the biggest strategic decisions you will ever have to make. Engaging a sourcing advisor is accepted best practice in order to minimise risk and avoid the common pitfalls which result in unsustainable deals.

We help organisations determine their overall sourcing strategy by establishing a comprehensive review and understanding of your business operations. We then align this with the organisation's unique transformation goals and potential sourcing options.

All deals are different and we can help you to understand the options available and align them with your business objectives. As independent advisors, we can also help you make your case to stakeholders by building collaboration right from the start, preventing conflict down the line.


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