Offshore development should be about developing software offshore. Many companies focus on billing as many onshore consultants as they can. Our belief is that we provide only the onshore services that are absolutely necessary. We recognize that a complete solution will require some onshore presence, but the focus of our onshore consultants is to help you bring your project offshore successfully and maximize your cost savings.

The on-shore consulting service that QSSOT Technologies provides covers requirements gathering, documentation of requirements, as well as consulting to help the client understand how to make off shoring successful. This involves establishing effective communications, setting up support in the clients organization, etc.

An onshore QSSOT Technologies senior consultant with domain knowledge and technical understanding of the client’s business and software problem consults with the client to deliver to the offshore development team a detailed programming specification. The specification includes customized existing best practices to meet the specific needs of the project as well as extensive domain knowledge to ensure the offshore team completely understands the problem to be solved.


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